Event planning never stops. This industry goes 24/7, 365 days ayear. Planners work evenings, weekends, and holidays, often faraway from their home base, organizing and running events thatsimply must go on, and go smoothly. Missing a critical deadline isnot an option in the event planning field. Time management errorscan cost a company a potential sale, lose them an existingcustomer, and damage their professional reputation. Burnout and chaos are real risks in this hectic world ofdeadlines and multiple projects. Planners often find themselvesworking down to the wire against crushing deadlines and a mountainof obstacles that impede their progress. Too frequently, there isnot enough time to get the job done properly, let alone to spend onpersonal or professional pursuits. And for many involved in theevent planning field, there is the extra dimension of travel tofactor in, juggling multiple projects on a daily basis across amultitude of time zones. For smooth event implementation, and for business success, it isessential that planners know how to manage their own time as wellas they manage an event. Time Management for Event Plannersteaches readers how to successfully manage their workload, and dowhat matters most, when it matters most: * Analyze and prioritize tasks. * Structure your workload and your day for maximumperformance. * Identify red-flag activities that hinder productivity. * Reduce stress-producing time crunches. * Identify when extra help is needed, as well as how to delegate,outsource, and even partner with suppliers in crunch periods. * Work with rather than against deadlines. * Save time using technology. * Manage multiple projects, even in multiple time zones. * Balance your personal and professional life. Whether you are an event planner, a hospitality professional, inpublic relations or other related fields, Time Management forEvent Planners offers time-saving tips, techniques, examples,and expert insight that will help you get time on your side.
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