YELLOWHow to create a culture of service and stand up for the customers. A business parable inspired by real-life events. STOP COMPLAINING AND MAKE THINGS HAPPENCompanies make great efforts to win a client, only to lose it later because of a poor service attitude. Different areas work internally like silos, disconnected from reality and the needs of the people they claim to serve. But, what if after an exhausting day, you take a taxi and what happens inside the vehicle transforms the way you see your job? What if somebody showed you that it's possible to change your reality if you change your attitude? What if reality is not a cause, but a consequence? What if we got up every morning happy to do our jobs because it's not merely a monotonous task, but it fulfills a higher purpose? What then?What if a humble cab driver became our greatest teacher? Welcome to Yellow, a journey through our own reality. YELLOW is based on a real experience, with a real taxi driver; someone who despite all the adversities decided to make the difference for his passengers and make his work meaningful. This is the story of Miguel Gonzalez, a driver whose teachings transformed the lives of Neptune Packaging employees, a business like any other that needed desperately to connect with and get passionate about that weird specimen called the customer.
  • Format: epub
  • ISBN: 9783964548078
  • Publisher: BIEN PENSADO
  • Author: David Gómez
  • Ean Code: 9783964548078
  • Book type: E-book
  • Language: English
  • DRM: Watermark
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