In 1886 the Indian child, Wind In Mourning, was kidnapped and lived under Ira Parker's cruel oppression as she took care of his son, Joe. After she made her escape, she silently stays in the lives of the Parkers, like a guardian spirit, becoming the cord of consistency that weaves three generations together in a masterpiece of love. Almost 80 years later, Phyllis, the great, great granddaughter of Joe, steps into the cabin where the story all began, and sheis introduced to her ancestors. Masterful with the written word, Nelle had to deal with the silence of her mind as she carried the secret of an encounter with a violent and disturbed young boy. Her daughter, Francine had a passion for music. Believing that love could conquer all, she gave up everything for Thomas...only to lose him, not once but twice! Bonnie is the recipient of all the pain life can dish out and yet all the love that keeps a mother going.Lucy is life scraping bottom! Her life exists on the result of wrong choices and bad attitudes. Phyllis is determined to not only remove an old cursebut to find out if Wind In Mourning is still alive.Through her quest, she learns how important family heritage isas well as howfaith in God can take a burdened past and turn it into a fulfilled future.
  • Format: epub
  • ISBN: 9781467056090
  • Publisher: AUTHORHOUSE UK
  • Author: Delibia
  • Ean Code: 9781467056090
  • Book type: E-book
  • Language: English
  • DRM: Adobe DRM
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Wind in Mourning
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