The peeling off of the veneer that coated the bellicose tentacles of the citizens of Nigeria birthed the SATURATION POINT. For more than fifty years, the rulers of the country played, and still plays Russian roulette with the destiny of over a hundred million people for the reason of their ignorance, fear of repression which is not uncommon and cursing docility. Testamented by invoked economic inertia, institutional collapse, atrophied patriotism that has induced revulsion on the citizens who now wallow in the orgy of untold, undeserved and unmitigated hardship, progenied by their misrule, the citizens got to the limits of their endurance, taking to crimes and other vices that puncture holes on the corporate existence of the country. Despite these manifold danger signals, the rulers remain deaf to hearing and opaque to reasoning, wallowing in sycophancy and media praise while silencing voices of truth with maximum brutality. When they sought to silence Dr. Ben Nwabu, an erudite and fearless journalist of repute, he went underground and began sensitizing the pauperized citizens, who knowing, began brutal campaign against the corrupt, tainted, lying and cheating rulers. Religious uprisings, economic sabotage and even terrorism became rife in the once tranquil country as the state SATURATES for upheaval. Dr. Ben Nwabu can avert the impending disaster but, only if ..
  • Format: epub
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  • ISBN: 9781496998163
  • Publisher: AUTHORHOUSE UK
  • Author: Anozie Thomas
  • Ean Code: 9781496998163
  • Book type: E-book
  • Language: English
  • DRM: Adobe DRM
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Saturation Point
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