Performance coaching is a modern and rapidly growing method used toassist development, and involves helping individuals to improvetheir performance in all areas of their life, with a particularemphasis on the workplace. Performance coaching draws parallelswith NLP and often focuses on the psychology of excellence -making what's good even better, and helping individuals keepahead of the game. On an organisational level it can includehelping managers to consider how to get the best from their staff,peers and superiors, as well as helping to identify strengths,weaknesses, opportunities and threats. A performance coach assistsindividuals in building on their successes and helps to design,plan and instigate successful business/life strategies. Despite its popularity confusion still surrounds coaching. It isa relatively new area and there is still a lack of understandingabout how best to use coaching and in what specific situations itwill be most effective. In addition to this, anyone can assume aperformance/professional/business/life coach title without holdingany particular qualification or registration. With this increasedawareness and confusion the need for a no-nonsense book on thetopic that offers trusted advice is needed all the more, which iswhere Performance Coaching For Dummies steps in.
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  • Language: English
  • Ean Code: 9781119997689
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  • Author: Gladeana McMahon
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