A complete training package lets you learn Adobe IllustratorCC at your own speed Adobe Illustrator is the leading drawing and illustrationsoftware used to create artwork for a variety of media. Thisbook-and-DVD package provides 13 self-paced lessons that get you upto speed on the latest version of Illustrator (Creative Cloud).Step-by-step instructions in the full-color book are supported byvideo tutorials on the DVD. Together, these tools will help youlearn Adobe Illustrator basics, essential skills, and all the newcapabilities in Illustrator CC--in no time. * Includes step-by-step instructions in abook-and-DVD training package * Features expert instructors who guide you through13 lessons that prepare you to create fabulous artwork withIllustrator * Covers beginning through intermediate-level skills Illustrator CC Digital Classroom is like having your ownpersonal tutor to help you learn the latest version ofIllustrator. Note: DVD and other supplementary materials are notincluded as part of the e-book file, but are available for downloadafter purchase.
  • Book type: E-book
  • Language: English
  • Book series: Digital Classroom
  • Ean Code: 9781118738924
  • ISBN: 9781118738924
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
  • E-Book type: PDF
  • Author: Jennifer Smith
  • Kopierschutz: Adobe DRM
  • Gift: No
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