The fast and easy way to get a handle on business successionplanning While the demand for effective managers continues to grow, theretirement of baby boomers is producing a sharp decline in theranks of available management personnel. In addition, theexecutives of the future are expected to be more sophisticated inorder to develop and lead new global and technological initiatives.For these reasons, strategic and often long-sighted successionplanning for the eventual replacement of managers at all levels hasreached a critical level. Business Succession Planning For Dummies aids managers,human resource professionals, and upper management in cultivatingand retaining their existing employees to ensure the availabilityand capability of persons to assume leadership roles in the future.In plain English, it prepares business owners to ask the difficultquestions when it comes to developing a working succession plan fortheir businesses key positions. This book also offers informationon how to retain and train personnel within an organization so thata more seamless transition can be made when a senior leader orother important personnel retires or leaves the organization. * How to retain and train personnel for a more seamlesstransition * Easy-to-follow guidance on developing a working successionplan * Tips to create a plan to save time, money, knowledge, andclients by hiring from within If you're a manager or human resources professional looking todevelop a working succession plan, this hands-on, friendly guidehas you covered.
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  • Language: English
  • Ean Code: 9781118223468
  • ISBN: 9781118223468
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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  • Author: Arnold Dahlke
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