"Without Landlording on AutoPilot, I doubt I would have ever succeeded with rental properties. Mike's book guided my business every step of the way, and I owe a huge debt to his insights. This book is a MUST-READ for any current or future landlord."
Brandon Turner, Author of Rental Property Investing and Co-host of The Podcast

When Mike Butler was a fulltime undercover police detective, he created a side business for managing hundreds of rentals. In this book, you will discover his simple and highly effective approach to rental management. Butler gives you the tools needed to transform your headache-inducing rentals into problem-free sources of income.

Butler walks you through his winning process beginning with the first step of screening a tenant through the move-out inspection when the tenant leaves. He then shows how to crank it up a notch and get more than 100% of the rents. Best of all, you can download a complete set of forms for the Landlording On AutoPilot system from the author's website.

Landlording on AutoPilot explores Butler's fascinating and invaluable real-life experience as a property investor and landlord. He details the highly efficient techniques, streamlined systems, and necessary resources that created his rental property empire—an empire that Butler runs from his smartphone, tablet, and laptop. No matter if you are renting penthouse properties or Section 8 housing, Butler's foolproof system can help you become the happiest and most profitable landlord in town.

"Thanks so much. I've been following Mike since the first edition of Landlording on AutoPilot and attribute most all of our success to his insights and techniques. New landlords MUST buy a copy if they want to have any hope for success in real estate investing." —Charlie, Charter Properties of Texas

"If you manage real estate, you need to read this book. Mike is the real deal and you will learn ways to manage that will make you money and improve your life." —John Schaub, Author of Building Wealth One House At A Time

"I've been representing real estate investors and investing myself for over 25 years. I read TONS of books and attend every seminar I can find. Mike's method is simply the best on the market, PERIOD. I recommend Mike's book to all my new clients and it's on my MUST RE-READ list every year." —Harry Borders, attorney

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  • ISBN: 9781119467908
  • Verlag: WILEY
  • Autor: Mike Butler
  • EAN: 9781119467908
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  • Sprache: Englisch
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Landlording on AutoPilot
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