I would like to first and foremost, thank god for giving me the talent to speak poetically speak real life issues encountered daily with others, with the intentions to reach out and help anyone, no matter where they are in life. Each one of the poems, that you are about read, can be related to each of you by personal experience or someone else you know may have known went through it.I believe, we are too quick to point out faultless blames amongst others, but yet offer in helpful suggestions to help and uplift another. No one, has lived a perfect life or even close. However, some of us would like to believe that we have, but truly it does not exist.It is a matter, what you put into your own lives, that will determine, what the outcome will be. So, as each of you read the various passages, I truly believe, it will help you along your way to the next.
  • Buchtyp: E-book
  • Produktsprache: Englisch
  • Ean Code: 9781449056278
  • ISBN: 9781449056278
  • Verlag: AuthorHouse
  • E-Book-Typ: epub
  • Autor: Jacquelyn Rice Dunbar
  • Kopierschutz: Adobe DRM
  • Gift: Keine
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