Vibratrading transcends conventional grid and scale trading and it frees the directional trader from the shackles of maintaining positive expectancy. Vibratrading’s greatest advantage over conventional methodologies is that it need not be concerned with risk/reward ratios, win/loss ratios, expectancy or optimization. The number of winning or losing trades is of no relevance whatsoever. This obviates the need for any statistical trading edge in order to achieve profitable consistency.

The Profitable Art and Science of Vibratrading is especially suitable for traders looking for another way to trade the markets profitably without the problems of losing money every time a stop loss is hit. No knowledge of technical analysis is required as all entries and exits are objective and require no guessing or price prediction.

The vibra-directional and vibra-bidirectional techniques teach the vibratrader to profit regardless of market direction. The “pure” bidirectional mechanisms allow the vibratrader to profit in any direction without the usual oscillational losses associated with these types of entries and exits. Returns are generated from both long and short positions, with the ability to accumulate unlimited shares or contracts without any additional capital. Extracting short returns to the upside without any directional risk is also achievable by creating “artificial market tops.”

Author Mark Andrew Lim brings a fresh product to the investor’s analytical portfolio with his vibrational trading methodology. This useful tool will allow investors to extract returns indefinitely without resorting to additional capital.

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  • Autor/in: Mark Andrew Lim
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The Profitable Art and Science of Vibratrading
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