Do you know how to discern the significance of the times? Do you understand the times and seasons that are governing your life? Have you experienced stunted growth in an aspect of your life no matter how hard you tried? Are you able to flow with the times and seasons that are governing your life? This book will give you insights to deal with these questions and more. The Issachar Anointing is the unique anointing of the men of Issachar that enabled them to understand the times and seasons to influence and lead Israel to establish the greatest dynasty of all time, perpetuated by the kingship of the Lord Jesus Christ. You can use the Issachar Anointing to understand the times and seasons that govern your life and then leverage the Issachar Anointing to change the times or seasons to favor you. This is an insightful and practical book that will enlighten your vision and empower your steps (Josephine Ami-Narh, Bank of Ghana). Apostle Akufo brings to light how to serve ones generation and achieve significance by questioning the questions that are being asked (Apostle Dr. Aaron Ami-Narh, the Apostolic Church, Ghana) This book will bring insight and revelation to many who do not understand that their lives are full of different seasons according to the timing of God. It is a great tool in the hands of anyone who desires to be a world changer (Rev. Josephine Bessman, codirector, Freetown Bible Training Center).
  • Buchtyp: E-book
  • Produktsprache: Englisch
  • Ean Code: 9781512756685
  • ISBN: 9781512756685
  • Verlag: WestBow Press
  • E-Book-Typ: epub
  • Autor: Kwabena Dautey Akufo
  • Kopierschutz: Adobe DRM
  • Gift: Keine
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