New paradigms for Shang Han Lun Integrating Korean Sasang Constitutional Medicine and Japanese Kampo Medicine Here are two outstanding clinical methodologies for the prescription of traditional Asian herbal medicine that have been practiced in China, Korea, and Japan but not fully adopted in traditional Asian medical education in the US. These two can be indicators in prescribing formulas based on Shang Han Lun, one from the individual constitutional perspective of Dr. Lee Jema and the other from the single herbal functional perspective of Dr. Todo Yoshimas. The author believes these are crucial clues to putting together all the pieces of the vast information in Asian herbal formula practice, yet need to be further studied and proved in clinical settings. Her clinical case studies are also added after the introduction of Dr. Lee and Dr. Todos studies. These clinical cases will provide herbal practitioners with stepping stones on the journey to mastering Asian Medicine. This book provides; - How to identify four different body types based on Korean Sasang Constitutional Medicine - The keys to use the right formula for the right person - An introduction to the unique theories and formulas of Sasang Constitutional Medicine - An introduction to Yakucho, which is the list of the indications and pharmacologic effects for various herbs that were used in Shang Han Lun and Jin Gui Yao Lue - Clinical case studies that show how to use Sasang Constitutional formulas and Shang Han Lun formulas based on SCM theories and Yakucho - Kang Ping Shang Han Lun, which is the closest edition to the original, translated delivering the meaning more accurately by distinguishing big letters from small letters as in the original text
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  • Sprache: Englisch
  • EAN: 9781532018145
  • ISBN: 9781532018145
  • Verlag: IUNIVERSE
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  • Autor/in: Angie Kim
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New Paradigms for Shang Han Lun
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