Diploma Thesis from the year 2011 in the subject Computer Science - Commercial Information Technology, grade: 1,6, Reutlingen University (UWS Business School / Reutlingen University), course: BA Business / BSc Business Information - Open Innovation , language: English, abstract: The opening - up of the innovation processes within organizations is an important step in today's Research & Development in order to take advantage from both, external knowledge and ideas as strategic instruments. However there are no articles about the influences for implementation of Open Innovations into the Business Development. Therefore this dissertation should demonstrate the utilization of Open Innovations within the IT - Service field for both, the Research & Development and their assignment within the Business Development. Furthermore possible snowball - effects should be defined as well. The investigations showed up, that the implementation of Open Innovations have a major impact on the Business Development as well as the competitive advantage of an organization. With this dissertation the reader obtain an overview over the relationship between Open Innovations and their strategically usage.
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  • Autor: Sebastian Sigloch
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