Care Planning in Children and Young People's Nursingaddresses a selection of the most common concerns that arise whenplanning care for infants, children and young people within thehospital and community setting. Clear and detailed, this textreflects both the uniqueness and diversity of contemporarychildren's nursing and utilizes images and case studies to providea holistic insight into the practice of care planning through thereporting of best available evidence and current research, policyand education. Divided into sections for ease of reference, Care Planning inChildren and Young People's Nursing explores both thetheory and practice of care planning. Chapters on the principles ofcare planning include issues such as managing risk, safeguardingchildren, ethical and legal implications, integrated care pathways,interprofessional assessment, and invaluable parent perspectives.Additional chapters on the application of planning care examine thepractical aspects of a wide range of specific conditions includingcystic fibrosis, obesity, cardiac/renal failure and HIV/AIDS. Eachchapter is interactive, with questions, learning activities andpoints for discussion creating an engaging and enquiry-basedlearning approach. Care Planning in Children and Young People'sNursing is a definitive resource, reflecting innovativepractice which is suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate nurseeducation.
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