Notes on Contributors.

1 Theorising technogenarians: a sociological approach to ageing, technology and health (Kelly Joyce and Meika Loe).

2 A history of the future: the emergence of contemporary anti-ageing medicine (Courtney Everts Mykytyn).

3 In the vanguard of biomedicine? The curious and contradictory case of anti-ageing medicine (Jennifer R. Fishman, Richard A. Settersten Jr and Michael A. Flatt).

4 Science, medicine and virility surveillance: 'sexy seniors' in the pharmaceutical imagination (Barbara L. Marshall).

5 Time, clinic technologies, and the making of refl exive longevity: the cultural work of time left in an ageing society (Sharon R. Kaufman).

6 Aesthetic anti-ageing surgery and technology: women's friend or foe? (Abigail T. Brooks).

7 ‘A second youth’: pursuing happiness and respectability through cosmetic surgery in Finland (Taina Kinnunen).

8 Ageing in place and technologies of place: the lived experience of people with dementia in changing social, physical and technological environments (Katherine Brittain, Lynne Corner, Louise Robinson and John Bond).

9 Liberating the wanderers: using technology to unlock doors for those living with dementia (Johanna M. Wigg).

10 Output that counts: pedometers, sociability and the contested terrain of older adult fitness walking (Denise A. Copelton).

11 Doing it my way: old women, technology and wellbeing (Meika Loe).

12 'But obviously not for me': robots, laboratories and the defi ant identity of elder test users (Louis Neven).


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