1. Gabrielle Jamela Hosein and Lisa Outar, “Introduction: Interrogating an Indo-Caribbean Feminist Epistemology”                     


Part 1: Tracing the Emergence of Indo-Caribbean Feminist Perspectives

2.      Patricia Mohammed, “A Vindication for Indo-Caribbean Feminism”          

3.      Preeia D. Surajbali, “Indo-Caribbean Feminist Epistemology: A Personal and Scholarly Journey”

4.      Andil Gosine, “My Mother’s Baby: Wrecking Work after Indentureship”   


Part 2: Transgressive Storytelling


5.      Alison Klein, “‘Seeing Greater Distances’: An Interview with Peggy Mohan on the Voyages of Indo-Caribbean Women”     

6.      Anita Baksh, “Indentureship, Land, and Indo-Caribbean Feminist Thought in the Literature of Rajkumari Singh and Mahadai Das”             

7.      Lisa Outar, “Post-Indentureship Cosmopolitan Feminism: Indo-Caribbean and Indo-Mauritian Women’s Writing and the Public Sphere”          

8.      Tuli Chatterji, “‘Mini Death and a Rebirth’: Talking the Crossing in Shani Mootoo’s Moving Forward Sideways Like a Crab”       


Part 3: Art, Archives and Cultural Practices

9.      Kavita Ashana Singh, “Comparative Caribbean Feminisms: Jahaji Bhain in Carnival”       

10.  Krystal Nandini Ghisyawan, “Unsettling the Politics of Identity and Sexuality Among Same-Sex Loving Indo-Trinidadian Women”    

11. Angelique V. Nixon, “Seeing Difference: Visual Feminist Praxis, Identity and Desire in Indo-Caribbean Women’s Art and Knowledge”        

12.  Lisa Outar, “Art, Violence and Non-Return: An Interview with Guadeloupean Artist Kelly Sinnapah Mary”          

Part 4: Dougla Feminisms 

Gabrielle Jamela Hosein, “Dougla Poetics and Politics in Indian Feminist Thought: Reflection and Reconceptualization” 

14.  Sue Ann Barratt, “Nicki Minaj, Indian In/Visibility and the Paradox of Dougla Feminism”                        

15.  Kaneesha Cherelle Parsard, “Cutlass: Objects Toward a Dougla Feminist Theory of Representation”           

Part 5: New Masculinities and Femininities


16.  Rhoda Reddock, “Indo-Caribbean Masculinities and Indo-Caribbean Feminisms: Where are We Now?”         

17. Michael Niblett, “Belaboring Masculinity: Ecology, Work, and the Body in Michel Ponnamah’s Dérive de Josaphat   

18. Stephanie L. Jackson, “From Stigma to Shakti: The Politics of Indo-Guyanese Women’s Trance and the Transformative Potentials of Ecstatic Goddess Worship in New York City”           



Shalini Puri      



Shivanee M. Ramlochan

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