PART I: RESPONSIBILITY AND HUMAN RIGHTS 1. Introduction: Human Rights Responsibilities of States and Non-State Actors; David Jason Karp and Kurt Mills 2. Humanitarianism and Responsibility in Discourse and Practice; Glenn Mitoma and Kerry Bystrom PART II: STATES' RESPONSIBILITIES: BEYOND 'VIOLATIONS' OF HUMAN RIGHTS 3. Doctrinal Innovation and State Obligations: The Patterns of Doctrinal Development in the Jurisprudence of the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights; Mátyás Bódig 4. Indivisible Human Rights and the End(s) of the State; Daniel J. Whelan 5. Beyond Individual Accountability: The Meaning of State Responsibility; Mark Gibney PART III: RESPONSIBILITIES OF NON-STATE ACTORS 6. Putting the Blame on Governments: Why Firms and Governments Have Failed to Advance the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights; Susan Ariel Aaronson and Ian Higham 7. The Concept of Human Rights Protection and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights; David Jason Karp 8. Human Rights Ltd.: An Alternative Approach to Assessing the Impact of Transnational Corporations on Human Rights; Flor González Correa 9. Living Up to Human Rights Responsibilities: Lawyers and Law Firms in the Chinese Authoritarian Context; Nicola Macbean and Elisa Nesossi 10. Fulfilling the Right to Education? Responsibilities of State and Non-State Actors in Myanmar's Education System; Maaike Matelski PART IV: THE RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT 11. What Responsibilities Does the International Community Have in Complex Humanitarian Crises and Mass Atrocity Situations?; Kurt Mills 12. Grappling with Double Manifest Failure: R2P and the Civilian Protection Conundrum; Melissa Labonte 13. Prevention Cascade: The United States and the Diffusion of R2P; Michael Galchinsky 14. Argumentation and the Responsibility to Protect: The Case of Libya; Tim Dunne and Katharine Gelber
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Human Rights Protection in Global Politics
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