You might have desires of living out sexual fantasies and exploring fetishes. As humans, we are defined by our imagination and the inner directedness that it encourages us to explore. We should responsibly follow our impulses and freely go where they lead us. To make this happen, you need to discover your inner voice and hone your senses to listen to it intently and carefully. It will always have a unique message for you. You should let your intuition explore your fantasies and fetishes to truly feel free. In the Exploring Fantasies/Fetishes series, you will be guided to release all preconceived notions about sexuality and, foremost, to be yourself. In your exploration, you will be led towards sensual consciousness to distill your deepest fantasies and fetishes. As you progress through the session, you will notice that you are more embracing of others and seeking deeper communion, with healthy love as your focus. You will transform into a more genuine person who wishes to freely share oneself with others.
  • Book type: Audiobook
  • Language: English
  • Ean Code: 4061707398117
  • Publisher: Cosmo Media
  • Author: Mark Cosmo
  • Read by: Susan McGurl
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