An essential guide to valuation techniques and financialanalysis With the collapse of the economy and financial systems, manyinstitutions are reevaluating what they are willing to spend moneyon. Project valuation is key to both cost effectiveness measuresand shareholder value. The purpose of this book is to provide a comprehensiveexamination of critical capital budgeting topics. Coverage extendsfrom discussing basic concepts, principles, and techniques to theirapplication to increasingly complex, real-world situations.Throughout, the book emphasizes how financially sound capitalbudgeting facilitates the process of value creation and discusseswhy various theories make sense and how firms can use them to solveproblems and create wealth. * Offers a strategic focus on the application of varioustechniques and approaches related to a firm's overall strategy * Provides coverage of international topics based on the premisethat managers should view business from a global perspective * Emphasizes the importance of using real options Comprised of contributed chapters from both experiencedprofessionals and academics, Capital Budgeting Valuationoffers a variety of perspectives and a rich interplay of ideasrelated to this important financial discipline.
  • Book type: E-book
  • Language: English
  • Book series: Robert W. Kolb Series
  • Ean Code: 9781118044544
  • ISBN: 9781118044544
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
  • E-Book type: PDF
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