Nearly half a century has elapsed since the tion of the poems ascribed by Mr. Macpherson to Ossian, which poems he then professed to have col looted in the original Gaelir, during a tour throu h the Western Highlands and rules; but a doubt 0 their authenticity nevertheless obtained, and, from their first appearance to this day, has continued in various de to 'tata the literary worn. In the present year, springing from an inquiry insti. Tuted for the purpose of leaving, with regard to this r, no or 100p to hang adoubt on, has been laid before the public. As the committee, in this investigation, followed, in a great measure, that line of conduct chalked out by David Hume to Dr. Blair, shall, previously to stating their precise mode of p eeeding, make several large and interesting extracts from the historian's two letters on this subject.
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