Praise for The China Crisis

"An inside look at China's future. James R. Gorrie reveals a China that the mainstream press has failed to investigate. His conclusions, based in fact and historical reality, may change your thinking about this potential superpower, which may have overplayed its hand. A must-read in a world of global currency wars."
Craig R. Smith, founder and Chairman of Swiss America Trading Corp., author, commentator, and monetary expert

"Anyone who isn't aware of the impact China is going to have on the world over the next few years has their head stuck in the sand. From China's focused attack on the U.S. dollar to the many bubbles they've created with their unsustainable economic policies, these will cause enormous impact on that country with reverberations that will be felt around the world. James R. Gorrie does a fantastic job of laying out the real story of China for all the world to see."
John F. Carter, founder of, frequent commentator on CNBC and Bloomberg, and regular contributor to SFO magazine and MSN Money

A controversial look at China's looming economic collapse and its dire implications for the global economy

Will the 21st century be the "Chinese Century," or is China once again headed down the path of self-annihilation that has been the hallmark of its ruling communist party for the past sixty years?

Drawing upon a wealth of historical and up-to-the-minute data, political economist and finance journalist, James R. Gorrie, makes a compelling case that contrary to what the experts contend, China is on the verge of an economic crisis of epic proportions. He explains how, caught in a recurrent boom/bust cycle that has played itself out several times over the past sixty years, China is once again approaching total economic and social collapse. But with one important difference this time: they may very well take the entire global economy down with them.

  • Explores the Chinese Communist Party's unfortunate history of making costly and very bloody mistakes on an enormous scale
  • Analyzes, one by one, those critical mistakes and explains how they will lead to economic collapse in China and a global depression
  • Describes Chinese "cannibal capitalism," and where its massive abuse of the country's environment, people, and arable lands is leading China and the world economy
  • Chronicles China's history of recurring economic crisis and explains why all the evidence suggests that history is about to repeat itself
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  • Language: English
  • Ean Code: 9781118470787
  • ISBN: 9781118470787
  • Publisher: WILEY
  • E-Book type: epub
  • Author: James R. Gorrie
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The China Crisis
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