The Annals of the Four Masters being now published for the first time, there are some particular points which require explanation. The copy from which this translation has been made, has been accurately compared with that in the possession of Sir William Betham, which was transcribed by the translator from the original autograph MS. in the Library of the Royal Irish Academy, and is therefore perfectly authentic. Mr. Connellan the translator was eminently qualified for his arduous task, being one of the best Irish Scholars of the present day, having extensive experience in transcribing and translating ancient Irish MSS. for a period of more than twenty years, and had the honor of being appointed Irish Historiographer to their late Majesties George IV. and William IV. in the Royal Irish Academy. The copious Annotations to the Annals have been compiled by Philip Mac Dermott, Esq., M.D., assisted by Mr. Connellan, with valuable materials from the library of Sir William Betham. These Annotations are admitted to contain extensive and accurate information on Irish History and Antiquities; and, together with the translation, have stood, and will be found to stand the test of learned and candid criticism. In a work published in Numbers as these Annals have been, it was difficult to arrange the materials given in the historical and topographical Notes, which have no immediate reference to the text, as it was necessary that each Number should be noted with the matter that was prepared at the time, whereas, in a Book brought out all at once, any arrangement can be adopted. Independent of the Annals, the Notes will be found to contain a great mass of materials, and much interesting and important information, not hitherto published, together with collections from various sources, rare Books and Manuscripts; the whole forming a Compendium of Irish History, from the earliest ages to the English Invasion, with continued illustrations, to the end of the Annals in the 17th century, the great object of the present publication being to present to the Irish people as much as possible of their own History, at a moderate cost, and make it accessible to all.
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