Ensuring safe and plentiful supplies of potable water (both nowand for future generations) and developing sustainable treatmentprocesses for wastewater are among the world's greatestengineering challenges. However, sustainability requires investmentof money, time and knowledge. Some parts of the world are alreadyworking towards this goal but many nations have neither thepolitical will nor the resources to tackle even basic provision andsanitation. Combining theory and practice from the developing anddeveloped worlds with high- and low-tech, high- and low-costsolutions, this book discusses fundamental and advanced aspects ofwater engineering and includes: * water resource issues including climate change, water scarcity,economic and financial aspects * requirements for sustainable water systems * fundamentals of treatment and process design * industrial water use and wastewater treatment * sustainable effluent disposal * sustainable construction principles With integrated theory, design and operation specifications foreach treatment process, this book addresses the extent to whichvarious treatment methods work in theory as well as how costeffective they are in practice. It provides a nontechnical guide onhow to recover and reuse water from effluent, which is suitable forthose in water resource management, environmental planning, civiland chemical engineering.
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  • Author: Ramesha Chandrappa
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