Foreword  Stem Cells in Cancer
Dr. Jesús García Foncillas

Chapter 1  The universal stem cell: does it exist?
Dr. Guadalupe Aparicio and cols.

Chapter 2  What is the meaning of Notch pathway and how we can selectively do the targeting
Dr. Jorge Barriuso and cols.

Chapter 3  Hedhehog as a new paradigm in cancer treatment Stem cells in cancer: should we believe or not?
Dr. Pere Gascón and cols.

Chapter 4  Wnt pathway at a glance: from the deep of the crypts to the current ways of targeting
Dr. Alberto Muñoz Terol and cols.

Chapter 5  Cancer Stem Cells in Brest Cancer
Dr. Ana LLuch and cols.

Chapter 6  Cancer Stem Cells in Colon Cancer
Dr. Esther Uña and cols.

Chapter 7  Cancer Stem Cells in Genitourinary Cancer
Dr. Luis León and cols.

Chapter 8 Cancer Stem Cells in Pancreatic Cancer
Dr. Jorge Guadarrama and cols.

Chapter 9  Cancer Stem Cells in Gastric Cancer
Dr. José David Gómez Rangel and cols.

Chapter 10  Cancer Stem Cells in Melanoma
Dr. Ainara Soria

Chapter 11  Cancer Stem Cells in Brain Tumors
Dr. Fernando Hurtado de Mendoza and cols.

Chapter 12  Cancer Stem Cells in Sarcomas
Dr. Andrés Cardona and cols. 

Chapter 13 Cancer Stem Cells in Gynecologic Tumors
Dr. Juan Carlos Mellidez and cols.

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