Preface by Mahendra Rao Introduction by Lars Østnor Biological and Medical Perspectives 1. The Moral Status of Human Embryos with Special Regard to Stem Cell Research and Therapy: Biological and Medical Perspectives 2. Steinar Funderud: Stem Cells: Sources and Clinical Applications 3. Ole Johan Borge: Alternative Means to Obtain Pluripotent Stem Cells 4. Håvard Ølstørn, Morten C. Moe, Mercy Varghese, Iver A. Langmoen: Neurogenesis and Potential Use of Stem Cells from Adult Human Brain 5. Joel C. Glover: Can We Use Human Embryonic Stem Cells to Treat Brain and Spinal Cord Injury and Disease? 6. William B. Hurlbut: Stem Cells, Embryos and Ethics: Is There a Way Forward? Social and political perspectives 7. LeRoy Walters: An Intercultural Perspective on Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research 8. Egbert Schroten: Human Embryo Research: The European Perspective 9. Theo A. Boer: Stem Cells, Pluralism, and Moral Empathy Philosophical perspectives 10. Dagfinn Føllesdal: The Potentiality Argument and Stem Cell Research 11. Øyvind Baune: Can the Distinction Between the Moral and the Descriptive Support a Full Moral Standing of an Embryo? 12. Anthony Kenny: The Beginning of Individual Human Life 13. Ludger Honnefelder: Embryonic Stem Cell Research – Arguments of the Ethical Debate in Germany 14. Otfried Höffe: The Question of Human Cloning in the Context of the Stem Cell Debate Theological perspectives 15. Lars Østnor: Stem Cells from Human Embryos for Research? The Theological Discussion within Christianity 16. Gunnar Heiene: Theological Arguments in the Human Stem Cell Debate: A Critical Evaluation 17. Monika Bobbert: Human Embryos and Embryonic Stem Cells – Ethical Aspects
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Stem Cells, Human Embryos and Ethics
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