Sicilian Sisters by Marianna, a novel/script Nancy and her ancestors migrate to New York and continue control of commodities, unions, politics, etc. There is a flashback that vividly paints a portrait of Nancy (direct descendant of the Spanish Pirates) and now in New York, she runs into obstacles because of her gender. She uses her creative energy and wiles to reach her goals despite the impediments she faces in getting ahead in the family. Nancy focuses on loyalty and concern for her family. Young, beautiful, and ambitious, she does not let anyone get in her way to reach her personal commitments. She is a testament to the human spirit and uses her ability to transform life's lessons into a positive situation. Nancys sizzling influence and affectionate side is shown throughout this classic. Marianna delivers a fast-paced story with endearing characters. She deals with the very real subject of grieving, and how family and close friends are important to have around to carry on with life. She gives an important message that is consumed with a heartwarming story. The heroine discovers that you must move on as there is someone waiting just around the corner to carry on with business as usual. The author, Marianna, has successfully written a 350 page screenplay on "Sicilian Sisters". Packed with interesting and exciting characters and brings them alive. A winner for any person that likes action and poignancy in understanding the goals and customs of the Mafia. It is an exciting and fast paced saga that covers several generations of a Sicilian family that migrated to New York. The challenges faced by immigrants and the opportunity to succeed are laced with connections to 'The Family'. It details how Sicilian sisters and their descendants since the 15th century exploited and influenced their husbands' to gain power. They utilized their cunning ways to intimidate the villagers to further their secret goals and passions. Sicilian Sisters delves into Nancy'S 15th century Pirate ancestors, filled with deviant subculture held together by the spirit of revolt and their version of democracy to maintain their social structure. Through the wisdom of their Sicilian wives, the Pirates coerced the people of their village to control it politically, socially, and financially. They were free men that plowed the seas in search of other people's property and expanded their control through the use of violence and plundering on land. The inter-marriage of the women from Sicily with the Pirate brothers became the foundation of the modern day Mafia.
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  • Language: English
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  • Publisher: iUniverse
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  • Author: Marianna
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