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There is a strong connection between culture and parenting. What is acceptable in one culture is frowned upon in another.  This applies to behavior after birth, encouragement in early childhood, and regulation and freedom during adolescence. There are differences in affection and distance, harshness and repression, and acceptance and criticism. Some parents insist on obedience; others are concerned with individual development.  This clearly differs from parent to parent, but there is just as clearly a connection to culture.  This book includes chapters on China, Colombia, Jordan, Kenya, the Philippines, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, Brazil, Native Americans and Australians, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Ecuador, Cuba, Pakistan, Nigeria, Morocco, and several other countries. Beside this, the authors address depression, academic achievement, behavior, adolescent identity, abusive parenting, grandparents as parents, fatherhood, parental agreement and disagreement, emotional availability and stepparents.​
  • Book type: E-book
  • Language: English
  • Book series: Science Across Cultures: The History of Non-Western Science
  • Ean Code: 9789400775039
  • ISBN: 9789400775039
  • Publisher: Springer Netherland
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