On the Origin of Species by the world renowned scientist Charles Darwin is a scientific must read. His theories on evolution are the basis of evolutionary biology as we know it today.Although this may seem a daunting read, rest assured that Darwin’s simple explanations and descriptions make this book easily enjoyable. He concisely clarifies each of his arguments in layman’s terms, something almost unheard of in Victorian scientific reports, and gently introduces the reader to his way of thinking. Darwin understood that his theories were going to be met with much resistance as they went completely against the theories of the time, and it was for this reason the he made certain that every point made is explained and understandable so as to make his argument as convincing as possible.In total there are six editions of On the Origins of Species, this being the first and shortest of them. Although some say this therefore lacks the revisions and edits of the later editions, it also makes for a more concise read as the later editions are bulked out mainly by the addition of answers to posed questions. Everything within this book stands true to what Darwin believed.A great read that will take you one a journey through the mind of a scientific giant.
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  • Author: Charles Darwin
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