Part I Nonlinear Dynamics of Continuous and Discontinuous Dynamical Systems On Synchronization and its Complexity of Multiple Dynamical Systems, by Albert C.J. Luo; Periodic and Chaotic Motions in a Gear-pair Transmission System With Impacts, by Albert C.J. Luo and Dennis O'Connor; Analytical Prediction of Interrupted Cutting Periodic Motions in a Machine Tool , by Brandon C. Gegg, Steve C. S. Suh, and Albert C. J. Luo; Control of Hopf Bifurcation and Chaos as Applied to Multimachine System, by Majdi M. Alomari and Benedykt S. Rodanski; Part II Lie Group Analysis and Applications in Nonlinear Sciences; Group-Invariant Solutions of Fractional Differential Equations, by R. K. Gazizov, A. A. Kasatkin, and S. Yu. Lukashchuk; Type-II Hidden Symmetries for Some Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations, by Maria Luz Gandarias; ; Nonclassical and Potential Symmetries for a Boussinesq Equation With Nonlinear Dispersion , by M. S. Bruzón and M.L. Gandarias; Application of the Composite Variational Principle to Shallow Water Equations, by Emrullah Yasar and Teoman Ozer; Conserved Forms of Second Order-ordinary Differential Equations, by C. Muriel and J. L. Romero; Analytical Investigation of a Two.Phase Model Describing a Three.Way.Catalytic Converter , by J. Volkmann and N. Migranov; Part III Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy: Methods and Applications; The Role of Invariant Manifolds in the Formation of Spiral Arms and Rings in Barred Galaxies, by M. Romero-Gómez, E. Athanassoula, J.J. Masdemont, and C. García-Gómez; Continuous and Discrete Concepts for Detecting Transport Barriers in the Planar Circular Restricted Three Body Problem, by Michael Dellnitz, Kathrin Padberg, Robert Preis, and Bianca Thiere; ; Low-Energy Transfers in the Earth.Moon System, by Elisa Maria Alessi, Gerard Gómez, and Josep J. Masdemont; Gravitational Potential of a Massive Disk. Dynamics Around an Annular Disk, by E. Tresaco, A. Elipe, and A. Riaguas; An Accounting Device for Biasymptotic Solutions: the Scattering Map in the Restricted Three Body Problem , by Amadeu Delshams, Josep J. Masdemont, and Pablo Roldán; References ; Optimal Capture Trajectories Using Multiple Gravity Assists, by Stefan Jerg, Oliver Junge, and Shane D. Ross; New Periodic Orbits in the Solar Sail Three-Body Problem, by J. D. Biggs, T. Waters, and C. McInnes; A Review of Invariant Manifold Dynamics of the CRTBP and Some Applications, by Josep J. Masdemont; Solar Sail Orbits at the Earth-Moon Libration Points, by Jules Simo and Colin R. McInnes; Part IV Mathematical Modeling of Nonlinear Structures in Bose-Einstein; Condensates Collisions of Discrete Breathers in Nonlinear Schrödinger and Klein.Gordon Lattices, by J Cuevas, A Álvarez, FR Romero, and JFR Archilla; Stability of BEC Systems in Nonlinear Optical Lattices, by Lauro Tomio, F.Kh. Abdullaev, H.L.F. da Luz, and A. Gammal; Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations With a Four-Well Potential in Two Dimensions: Bifurcations and Stability Analysis, by C. Wang, G. Theocharis, P.G. Kevrekidis, N. Whitaker, D.J. Frantzeskakis, and B.A. Malomed; Bose-Einstein Condensates and Multi-Component NLS Models on Symmetric Spaces of BD.I-Type. Expansions Over Squared Solutions, by V. S. Gerdjikov, D. J. Kaup, N. A. Kostov, and T. I. Valchev; Part V Mathematical Models in Engineering; Impulsive Boundary Layer Flow Past a Permeable Quadratically Stretching Sheet , by V. Kumaran, A. Vanav Kumar, and J. Sarat Chandra Babu; Complete Dynamic Modeling of a Stewart Platform Using the Generalized Momentum Approach, by António Mendes Lopes and E. J. Solteiro Pires; Spectral Solution for the Air Stripping Pollutants Removal Dynamic Model With Non Linear Steady State Conditions , by A. C. M. Castro, J. Matos, and A. Gavina; Three Behavioural Scenarios for Contingent Claims Valuation in Incomplete Markets ; by L. Boukas, D. Pinheiro, A. A. Pinto, S. Z. Xanthopoulos, and A. N.Yannacopoulos; Undesired Oscillations in Pneumatic Systems, by Joao Falcao Carneiro and Fernando Gomes de Almeida; ;A Study of Correlation and Entropy for Multiple Time Series, by José A.O. Matos, Sílvio M.A. Gama, Heather J. Ruskin, Adel Al Sharkasi, and Martin Crane; Characterization and Parameterization of the Singular Manifold of a Simple 6-6 Stewart Platform, by Tiago Charters and Pedro Freitas; Part VI Fractional Calculus Applications; Some Advances on Image Processing by Means of Fractional Calculus , by E. Cuesta; Application of Genetic Algorithms in the Design of an Electrical Potential of Fractional Order, by Isabel S. Jesus, J. A. Tenreiro Machado, and Ramiro S. Barbosa Mellin Transform for Fractional Differential Equations With Variable Potential, by M. Klimek and D. Dziembowski Phase Plane Characteristics of Marginally Stable Fractional Order Systems, by Narges Nazari, Mohammad Haeri, and Mohammad Saleh Tavazoei; Application of Fractional Controllers For Quad Rotor, by C. Lebres, V. Santos, N. M. Fonseca Ferreira, and J. A. Tenreiro Machado; Regularity of a Degenerated Convolution Semi-Group Without to Use the Poisson Process, by Rémi Léandre; Part VII Computational Techniques for Engineering Sciences; Image Processing for the Estimation of Drop Distribution in Agitated Liquid-Liquid Dispersion, by L.M.R. Brás, E.F. Gomes, and M.M.M. Ribeiro; ; Music and Evolutionary Computation, by Cecília Reis , Viriato M. Marques, and J. A. Tenreiro Machado ; Application of Computational Intelligence to Engineering, by Viriato M. Marques , Luís Roseiro , Cecília Reis, and J. A. Tenreiro Machado; Evolutionary Trajectory Optimization for Redundant Robots, by Maria da Graça Marcos, J. A. Tenreiro Machado, and T-P Azevedo-Perdicoúlis; Part VIII Nonlinear Systems; Robust Communication-Masking via a Synchronized Chaotic Lorenz Transmission System , by A. Loría and S. Poinsard; A Boundary Layer Problem in Power Law Fluids through a Moving Flat PlateWith Injection , by Chunqing Lu; An Overview of the Behaviour of a
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Nonlinear Science and Complexity
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