Section 1: Energy Applications
Chapter 1
Nonlinear Behaviour Diagnosis for Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Blades Subjected to Inconstant Wind Excitations

Chapter 2
Concentrated solar power plants capacity factors: A review

Section 2: Vibrations and Automotive Applications
Chapter 3   
Vibration Analysis of Oscillators with Generalized Inertial and Geometrical Nonlinearities

Chapter 4   
Quarter Car Suspension Model with Provision for Loss of Contact with The Road

Chapter 5   
Friction Coefficient of Pneumatic Tires and Bitumen Roads

Chapter 6
Solutions for Path Planning using Spline Parameterization

Section 3: Modern Engineering Applications
Chapter 7
Diagnosis of nonlinear stochastic dynamics of active slider in nanometer spacing

Chapter 8   
Formation Control of Nonholonomic Mobile Robots using an Acoustic Sensor

Chapter 9   
Nonlinear Size-dependent Instability of Hybrid FGM Nanoshells

Section 4: Analytical-Numerical Analysis Applications
Chapter 10  
An exact solution technique for impact oscillators

Chapter 11
A semi-analytical solution for bending of nonlinear magnetostrictive beams

Chapter 12   
Limted Data Modelling Approaches for Engineering Applications

Chapter 13   
Theoretical and Numerical Investigation of The Elastic-Plastic Behavior of Thick-walled Cylinders

Chapter 14
A Complex Variable Method to Predict an Aerodynamics of Arbitrary Shape Ballistic Projectiles

Chapter 15   
Extension of substructuring technique in the nonlinear domain
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