This volume provides timely coverage of nonaccelerator astroparticle physics. It complements two volumes prepared for earlier schools. Informative and pedagogical, it can serve as the basis for a modern course on the subject.The first section discusses the fundamentals of particle physics, with reviews of the standard model and beyond. The section on neutrinos and neutrino oscillations covers topics including neutrino oscillations, short and long baseline neutrino beams from accelerators, atmospheric and solar neutrinos, neutrinos from gravitational stellar collapses and neutrino telescopes. Another section deals with dark matter searches. Cosmic rays and astrophysics are covered with reviews of experiments in space, extreme energy cosmic rays, and gamma ray bursts. Gravitational waves and gravitational wave detectors are discussed. The final section deals with results from accelerators and future plans for accelerator facilities, computing, and new large and small detectors. Abstracts of the posters presented by participants at the school give a broad picture of world-wide activities in the field.
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