Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of theGeophysical Monograph Series, Volume 201. Modeling the Ionosphere-Thermosphere System bringstogether for the first time a detailed description of the physicsof the IT system in conjunction with numerical techniques to solvethe complex system of equations that describe the system, as wellas issues of current interest. Volume highlights includediscussions of: * Physics of the ionosphere and thermosphere IT system, and thenumerical methods to solve the basic equations of the ITsystem * The physics and numerical methods to determine the globalelectrodynamics of the IT system * The response of the IT system to forcings from below (i.e., thelower atmosphere) and from above (i.e., the magnetosphere) * The physics and numerical methods to model ionosphericirregularities * Data assimilation techniques, comparison of model results todata, climate variability studies, and applications to spaceweather Providing a clear description of the physics of this system inseveral tutorial-like articles, Modeling theIonosphere-Thermosphere System is of value to the upperatmosphere science community in general. Chapters describingdetails of the numerical methods used to solve the equations thatdescribe the IT system make the volume useful to both activeresearchers in the field and students.
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