“Miss Coote’s Confession, or the Voluptuous Experiences of an Old Maid” is a classic American erotic novel, published in 1883. It contains graphic sexual descriptions and themes.
I could see the tears in Jane’s eyes, but Jemima had a malicious smile on her face, and Mrs. Mansell looked very grave, but no time was allowed for reflections; the next instant I felt a smart but not heavy stroke right across my loins, then another, and another, in rather quick succession, but not too fast for me to think that perhaps after all it would not be so dreadful as I feared; so setting my teeth firmly without uttering a word, I determined to give as little indication as possible of my feelings. All this and a great deal more flashed through my brain before six strokes had been administered, my bottom tingled all over, and the blood seemed to rush like lightning through my veins at every blow, and my face felt as my poor posteriors. “Now, you idle puss,” said the General, “you begin to feel the fruits of your conduct. Will you?
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