Preface. Single-Phase Forced Convection in Microchannels – State-of-the-Art Review;Y. Yener et al. Measurements of Single-Phase Pressure Drop and Heat Transfer Coefficient in Micro and Minichannels; A. Bontemps. Steady State and Periodic Heat Transfer in Micro Conduits; M.D. Mikhailov et al. Flow Regimes in Microchannel Single-Phase Gaseous Fluid Flow; Y. Bayazitoglu, S. Kakaç. Microscale Heat Transfer at Low Temperatures; R. Radebaugh. Convective Heat Transfer for Single-Phase Gases in Microchannel Slip Flow: Analytical Solutions; Y. Bayazitogluet al. Microscale Heat Transfer Utilizing Microscale and Nanoscale Phenomena; A. Yabe. Microfluidics in Lab-on-a-Chip: Models, Simulations and Experiments; Dongquing Li. Transient Flow and Thermal Analysis in Microfluidics; R.M. Cotta et al. From Nano to Micro to Macro Scales in Boiling; V.K. Dhir et al. Flow Boiling in Minichannels; A. Bontemps et al. Heat Removal Using Narrow Channels, Sprays and Microjets; M. Fabbri et al. Boiling Heat Transfer in Minichannels;V. Kuznetsov et al. Condensation Flow Mechanisms, Pressure Drop and Heat Transfer in Microchannels; S. Garimella. Heat Transfer Characteristics of Silicon Film Irradiated by Pico to Femtosecond Lasers; J. Sik Lee, S. Park. Microscale Evaporation Heat Transfer; V.V. Kuznetsov, S.A. Safonov. Ultra-Thin Film Evaporation(UTF)-Application to Emerging Technologies in Cooling of Microelecronics; M. Ohadi, J. Qi. Binary–Fluid Heat and Mass Transfer in Microchannel Geometries for Miniaturized Thermally Activated Absorption Heat Pumps; S. Garimella. Heterogeneous Crystallization of Amorphous Silicon Accelerated by External Force Field: Molecular Dynamics Study; J. Sik Lee, S. Park. Hierarchical Modeling of Thermal Transport from Nano-to-Macroscales; C.H. Amon et al. Evaporative Heat Transfer on Horizontal Porous Tube; L. Vasiliev et al. Micro and Miniature Heat Pipes; L.L. Vasiliev. Role of Microscale Heat Transfer in Understanding Flow Boiling Heat Transfer and Its Enhancement; K. Sefiane, V.V. Wadekar. Heat Transfer Issues in Cryogenic Catheters; R. Radebaugh. Sorption Heat Pipe - A New Device for Thermal Control and Active Cooling; L.L. Vasiliev, L. Vasiliev, Jr. Thermal Management of Harsh-Environmental Electronics; M. Ohadi, J. Qi. Index.
  • Book type: E-book
  • Language: English
  • Book series: NATO Science Series II: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
  • Ean Code: 9781402033612
  • ISBN: 9781402033612
  • Publisher: SPRINGER
  • E-Book type: PDF
  • Kopierschutz: Adobe DRM
  • Format: pdf
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Microscale Heat Transfer - Fundamentals and Applications
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