Dr Deepak G Panpatte is a Research Scholar working for the past 7 years. His research interests include agriculturally beneficial microorganism viz biofertilizers, biopesticides and biodegraders. Done pioneering work for development of fortified biocontrol bacterial consortium with phyto-extracts for management of phytopathogenic nematodes and fungi. He has received 2 awards for presentation of research outcomes in International conferences and Rastiya Gaurav Award for outstanding contribution. His publication profile includes, 12 research papers, 4 book chapter with springer publishing house, 1 practical manual, 24 popular articles and 2 editorial pages.


Dr Yogeshvari K Jhala is an Assistant professor having 10 years of teaching and research experience. Her field of interest is agriculturally beneficial microorganisms viz biofertilizers, biopesticides and biodegraders. She had world over first time isolated 5 unique strains of methanotrophic bacteria. For her outstanding research work of methanotrophic bacteria she was honoured with All India Best Research Award. Her publications includes 15 research papers, 6 book chapters, 2 teaching manuals, 18 popular articles, 2 editorial pages.


Prof. Rajababu V. Vyas, M. Sc. (Micro), Ph D., serving as Research Scientist & Head, Dept. of Agril. Microbiology, AAU, Anand. Working on Agriculturally beneficial microorganisms on isolation and characterization, development of mass production technique, laboratory and field testing of biofertilizers for crop production, developed native microbial agents for biological control of insect pests and plant parasitic nematodes for crop protection and  PGPR for bioremediation of methane and agro-waste, to support organic farming approach, since 31 years. Publication assortment includes research publications 112; review papers 2; books and manuals 4; training manuals 5; book chapters 8, two in CAB international and Michigan State University Press, USA publications. Recipient of six prestigious awards. Instrumental for technology patenting, commercialization, licensing and services.


Ms. Shelat is a professor and award winning researcher at Anand Agricultural University, Anand , India  . She has professional skill of 33 years in the field of Agriculturally advantageous microbes chiefly bio fertilizers, bio degraders and microbial pesticides.  Her contribution in society is development and dissemination of Liquid Biofertilizer Technology for the benefit of farming community.  Written books (2) and book chapter (5) published more than 35 research papers in national as well as international journals. 



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