The gateway to the micro and nano worlds: AMN provides cutting-edge reviews and detailed case studies by top authors from science and industry, covering technologies, devices and advanced systems. Together, these have an immense innovative application potential that opens up with control of shape and function from the atomic level right up to the visible world without any technological gaps.

This and the preceeding volume cover all angles of micro-scale parts and components engineering from both metallic and ceramic materials, a very promising field which is a strong source of innovation and development for micro process technology, aerospace applications, sensors, actors, medical and dental as well as many other applications.

In this volume, readers find casting and electroforming replication techniques, automation and quality control issues, and the characterization of the microengineered components.

From the Contents:
Micro Casting
Micro Electroforming of Metals
Further Ceramic Replication Techniques
Automation PIM
Quality Assurance
Metallic Materials
Ceramic Materials
Tribological Characterization of Mold Inserts and Materials for Micro Components
Development of a Simulation Tool for Wear in Microsystems

Part I covers the introduction to this field and leads from the design and modeling aspects to tooling, molds, and micro injection molding as a powerful replication technology.
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  • Book series: Advanced Micro and Nanosystems
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