Chapter 1. Subthreshold Operation of Energy Recovery Circuits.- Chapter 2. Design and Analysis of a Low cost, Flexible Soft Wear Antenna for an ISM Band working in Different Bending Environment.- Chapter 3. Bandwidth Enhanced Nearly Perfect Metamaterial Absorber for K-band Applications.- Chapter 4. An Approach to Improve the Performance of FIR Optical Delay Line Filters.- Chapter 5. Development of  a VLSI Based Real-time System for Carcinoma Detection and Identification.- Chapter 6. A Novel Frequency-Time Based Approach for the Detection of Characteristic Waves in Electrocardiogram Signal.- Chapter 7. A Long Signal Integrator for Fusion Device Using Arm Controller.- Chapter 8. Performance Analysis of Frequency Dependent and Frequency Independent Microstrip Patch Antennas.- Chapter 9. Implementation of Gait Recognition for Surveillance Applications.- Chapter 10. Comparative Analysis of HVS Based Robust Video Watermarking Scheme.- Chapter 11. Development of Microstrip Triple - Band Filter Using Hybrid Coupling Path Approach.- Chapter 12. Security Issues in Cognitive Radio: A Review.- Chapter 13. GPS C/A Code Multipath Error Estimation for Surveying Applications in Urban Canyon.- Chapter 14. QoS Discrepancy Impact (QDI) and Cohesion between Services (CBS): QoS Metrics for Robust Service Composition.- Chapter 15. Low Power and Optimized Ripple Carry Adder and Carry Select Adder Using MOD-GDI
Technique.- Chapter 16. Increasing the Lifetime of Leach Based Cooperative Wireless Sensor Networks.- Chapter 17. A U-Shaped Loop Antenna for In-body Applications.- Chapter 18. Design of NMEA2000 CAN Bus Integrated Network System and Its Test Bed: Setting Up the PLC System in Between Bridge - Bow Room Section on a Container Ship as a Backbone System.- Chapter 19. Inductively Powered Underground Wireless Communication System.- Chapter 20. Load Flow Analysis of Uncertain Power System through Affine Arithmetic.- Chapter 21. Advanced Parallel Structure Kalman Filter for Radar Applications.- Chapter 22. Performance of Fusion Algorithm for Active Sonar Target Detection in Underwater Acoustic Reverberation Environment.- Chapter 23. Investigation of Optimum Phase Sequence for Reduction of PAPR using SLM in OFDM System.- Chapter 24. Optimization of Peak to Average Power Ratio Reduction Using Novel Code for OFDM Systems.- Chapter 25. Scattering of SODAR Signal through Rough Circular Bodies.- Chapter 26. Mitigation of Fault in 5 Bus System with Switch Type Voltage Controlled FCL.- Chapter 27. Energy Efficiency in Cognitive Radio Network: Green Technology towards Next Generation Networks.- Chapter 28. Performance Evaluation of Rectangular Enclosure for any Arbitrary Polarization Angle.- Chapter 29. PAPR Reduction in SFBC OFDM System – MCMA Approach.- Chapter 30. Reduction of Mutual Coupling Effect in Adaptive Arrays.- Chapter 31. Parameter Estimation of Solid Cylindrical Electromagnetic Actuator Using Radial Basis Function Neural Networks.- Chapter 32. An Efficient Audio Watermarking Based on SVD and Cartesian-Polar Transformation with Synchronization.- Chapter 33. A Proposal for Packet drop Attacks in MANETS.- Chapter 34. Heptagonal Fractal Antenna Array for Wireless Communications.- Chapter 35. Multiplexer Based 2’s Complement Circuit for Low Power and High Speed Operation.- Chapter 36. Robust Hybrid Video Watermarking using SVD & DTCWT.- Chapter 37. Efficiency Comparison of MWT and EWT all Back Contact Nanowire Silicon Solar Cells.- Chapter 38. Simulation of Electrical Characteristics of Silicon and Germanium Nanowires Progressively Doped to Zener Diode Configuration Using First Principle Calculations.- Chapter 39. An Embedded Visually Impaired Reconfigurable Author Assistance System Using LabView.- Chapter 40. Estimation of RCS for a Perfectly Conducting and Plasma Spheres.- Chapter 41. Fault-Tolerant Multi-core System Design Using PB Model and Genetic Algorithm Based Task Scheduling.- Chapter 42. Investigation of Suitable Geometry Based Lonospheric Models to Estimate the Lonospheric.- Parameters Using the Data of a Ground Based GPS Receiver.- Chapter 43. A Novel Proposal of Artificial Magnetic Conductor Loaded Rectangular Patch Antenna for Wireless Applications.- Chapter 44. Design of Dual Band Labyrinth Slotted Rectangular Patch Antenna for X-band Applications.- Chapter 45. Implementation and Analysis of Ultra Low Power 2.4GHz RF CMOS Double Balanced Down Conversion Subthreshold Mixer.- Chapter 46. TDMA Based Collision Avoidance in Dense and Mobile RFID Reader Environment: DDFSA with RRE.- Chapter 47. Perturbed Elliptical Patch Antenna Design for 50GHz Application.- Chapter 48. Design of an Analog Fault Model for CMOS Switched Capacitor Low Pass Filter.- Chapter 49. Image Authentication Using Local Binary Pattern on the Low Frequency Components.- Chapter 50. An Adaptive Filter Approach for GPS Multipath Error Estimation and Mitigation.- Chapter 51. Generation of Optimized Beams from Concentric Circular Antenna Array with Dipole Elements Using BAT Algorithm.- Chapter 52. Design and Analysis of Single Feed Dual Band Stacked Patch Antenna for GPS Applications.- Chapter 53. Emotion Recognition Model Based on Facial Gestures and Speech Signals Using Skew Gaussian Mixture Model.- Chapter 54. Analysis and Detection of Surface Defects in Ceramic Tile Using Image Processing Techniques.- Chapter 55. Lifeline System for Fisherman.- Chapter 56. Characterisation of Mobile Radio Channel.- Chapter 57. Implementation of Reversible Arithmetic and Logical Unit and Its Bilbo Testing.- Chapter 58. Evaluation of Radiation Characteristics of Dipolesin: The Presence of Earth.- Chapter 59. Non-uniform Circular Array Geometry Synthesis Using Wind Driven Optimization Algorithm.- Chapter 60. Implementation of ISAR Imaging with Step Frequency and LFM Waveforms Using Gabor Transform.- Chapter 61. Design of Low Power and High Speed Carry Look Ahead Adder ( CLAA ) Based on Hybrid CMOS Logic Style.- Chapter 62. TSPC Based Dynamic Linear Feedback Shift Register.- Chapter 63. Design of Wideband Planar Printed Quasi-Yagi Antenna Using Defected Ground Structure.- Chapter 64. ECG Signal Pre-processing Based on Empirical Mode Decomposition.- Chapter 65. Design and Analysis of Magnetic Lenses for High Energy Proton Accelerators.- Chapter 66. Skeletonization of players in Dynamic Backgrounds Using Discrete Curve Evolution.- Chapter 67. FPGA Implementation of Test Vector Monitoring BIST Architecture System.- Weighting Multiple Features and Double Fusion Method for HMM Based Video Classification.- Chapter 69. A Suitable Approach in Extracting Brain Source Signals from Disabled Patients.- Chapter 70. Design and Analysis of Multi Substrate Microstrip Patch Antenna.- Chapter 71. Design and Analysis of Reversible Binary and BCD Adders.- Chapter 72. Magnetic Field Analysis of a Novel Permanent Magnetic Suspension Pole Shoe Based Bearing Less Switched Reluctance Motor Using Finite Element Method.- Chapter 73. Performance Analysis of a Field-Effect-Transistor Based Aptasensor.

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