Genetics and Genomics of Sulfate Respiration in Desulfovibrio.- Living on Sulfate: Three-Dimensional Structure and Spectroscopy of Adenosine 5´-Phosphosulfate Reductase and Dissimilatory Sulfite Reductase.- Respiratory Membrane Complexes of Desulfovibrio.- Biochemical and Evolutionary Aspects of Eukaryotes That Inhabit Sulfidic Environments.- Evolution and Ecology of Microbes Dissimilating Sulfur Compounds: Insights from Siroheme Sulfite Reductases.- Genomic and Evolutionary Perspectives on Sulfur Metabolism in Green Sulfur Bacteria.- Differential-Expression Proteomics for the Study of Sulfur Metabolism in the Chemolithoautotrophic Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans.- Sulfur and Light? History and “Thiology” of the Phototrophic Sulfur Bacteria.- Thiosulfate and Sulfur Oxidation in Purple Sulfur Bacteria.- Sulfur Oxidation in Chlorobium tepidum (syn. Chlorobaculum tepidum): Genetic and Proteomic Analyses.- Structural Insights into Component SoxY of the Thiosulfate-Oxidizing Multienzyme System of Chlorobaculum thiosulfatiphilum.- Redox Control of Chemotrophic Sulfur Oxidation of Paracoccus pantotrophus.- Bacterial Sulfite-Oxidizing Enzymes – Enzymes for Chemolithotrophs Only?.- Sulfonates and Organotrophic Sulfite Metabolism.- Oxidation of Sulfur and Inorganic Sulfur Compounds in Acidianus ambivalens.- A Novel Coenzyme F420 Dependent Sulfite Reductase and a Small Sulfite Reductase in Methanogenic Archaea.- Archaeal and Bacterial Sulfur Oxygenase-Reductases: Genetic Diversity and Physiological Function.- Diversity of Halophilic Sulfur-Oxidizing Bacteria in Hypersaline Habitats.- Sulfur Oxidation at Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vents.- Speciation Analysis of Microbiologically Produced Sulfur by X-ray Absorption Near Edge Structure Spectroscopy.- Controls on Isotope Fractionation During Dissimilatory Sulfate Reduction.- Bioprocess Engineering of Sulfate Reduction for Environmental Technology.- Impact of Nitrate on the Sulfur Cycle in Oil Fields.
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