Study on Polymer-made 3DOF Spatial Parallel Manipulator, by M. Horie.- Miniaturization of check valves, by M. Pendzialek, J. Schneider, K. Höhe, L. Zentner.- A Biologically Inspired Sensor Mechanism for Amplification of Tactile Signals Based on Parametric Resonance, by T. Volkova, I. Zeidis, and K. Zimmermann.- Towards the Development of Tactile Sensors for Determination of Static Friction Coefficient to Surfaces, by M. Scharff, M. Darnieder, J. Steigenberger, and C. Behn.- Development and Investigation of Photoelastic Sensor for Torque Measurement, by A. Bojtos, N. Szakály, and A. Huba.- Flexural body for a wireless force/displacement sensor, by J. Hricko and S. Havlik.- Capsule Micromechanism Driven by Impulse – Wireless Implementation, by T. Ito and S. Murakami.- Development of peristaltically propelled active catheter used in radial artery, by Y. Nakazato, K. Kawanaka, K. Takita, and M. Higuchi.- Locomotion Principles for Microrobots based on Vibrations, by F. Becker, V. Lysenko, V. T. Minchenya, O. Kunze, and K. Zimmermann.- Exploration of Carbon-filled Carbon Nanotube Vascular Stents, by D. J. Skousen, K. N. Jones, T. Kowalski, A. E. Bowden3, and B. D. Jensen.- A Novel Gripper Based on a Compliant Multistable Tensegrity Mechanism, by S. Sumi, V. Böhm, F. Schale, R. Roeder, A. Karguth, and K. Zimmermann.- Selection of the Optimal Rigid-Body Counterpart Mechanism in the Compliant Mechanism Synthesis Procedure, by N. T. Pavlović, N.D. Pavlović, M. Milošević.- Design and Experimental Characterization of a Flexure Hinge-Based Parallel Four-Bar Mechanism for Precision Guides, by P. Gräser, S. Linß, L. Zentner, and R. Theska.- Dynamic model of a compliant 3PRS parallel mechanism for micromilling, by A. Ruiz, F.J. Campa, C. Roldán-Paraponiaris, and O. Altuzarra.- Dynamic Analysis of a Fatigue Test Bench for High Precision Flexure Hinges, by D. Schoenen, M. Hüsing, and C. Corves.- Self-setting locks for petal type deployable space reflector, by V. I. Bujakas, A. A. Kamensky.- Monolithic and Statically Balanced Rotational Power Transmission Coupling for Parallel Axes, by D. Farhadi Machekposhti, N. Tolou, and J. L. Herder.- Investigation of the novelty brackets “Gold-S”, by F. Pollok, C. von Mandach, S. Griebel, V. Böhm, and L. Zentner.- Dynamic behavior of active lightweight compliant mechanisms with integrated piezoceramic actuators by under- and overcritical periodic excitation, by N. Modler, A. Winkler, A. Filippatos, E.-C. Lovasz, and D.-T. Mărgineanu.- Synthesis of compliant mechanisms with defined kinematics, by A. Hasse, M. Franz, and K. Mauser.- A Concept of Adaptive Two Finger Gripper with Embedded Actuators, by A. Milojević, N. D. Pavlović, S. Linß, M. Tomić, N. T. Pavlović, and H. Handroos.- Implementation of Self Contact in Path Generating Compliant Mechanisms, by P. Kumar, A. Saxena, and R. A. Sauer.  

  • Book type: E-book
  • Language: English
  • Book series: Mechanisms and Machine Science
  • Ean Code: 9783319453873
  • ISBN: 9783319453873
  • Publisher: SPRINGER
  • E-Book type: PDF
  • Kopierschutz: Watermark
  • Format: pdf
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Microactuators and Micromechanisms
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