Preface 13

Part I. Fundamentals of the Mechanics of Continua 15

I. Basic Concepts of the Mechanics of Continua 15

II. Conservation Laws. Integral and Differential Equations of Continuous Medium 27

III. Continuous Medium Deformation Rate 45

IV. Liquids 57

V. Basics of the Dimensionality and Conformity Theory 73

Part II. Hydromechanics 91

VI. Hydrostatics 91

VII. Flow of Ideal Fluid 105

VIII. Parallel-Plane Flows of Ideal Incompressible Fluid 135

IX. Flow of Viscous Incompressible Fluid in Prismatic Tubes 153

X. Turbulent Flow of Fluids in Pipes 165

XI. Hydraulic Calculation for Pipelines 179

XII. Fluid’s Outflow from Orifices and Nozzles 191

XIII. Non-Stationary Flow of Viscous Fluid in Tubes 201

XIV. Laminar Boundary Layer 233

XV. Unidimensional Gas Flows 243

XVI. Laminar Flow of Non-Newtonian Fluids 277

XVII. Two-Phase Flow in Pipes 299

Part III. Oil and Gas Subsurface Hydromechanics 317

XVIII. Main Definitions and Concepts of Fluid and Gas Flow, Darcy’s Law and Experiment 317

XIX. Mathematical Models of Uniphase Filtration 345

XX. Unidimensional Transient-Free Filtration of Incompressible Fluid and Gas in an Uniform Porous Medium 363

XXI. Unidemensional Filtration of Incompressible Liquid and Gas in a Nonuniform Reservoirs Under Darcy’s Law 395

XXII. Flat Transient-Free Filtration Flows 409

XXIII. Non-Stationary Flow of an Elastic Fluid in an Elastic Reservoir 427

XXIV. Non-Stationary Flow of Gas in a Porous Medium 469

XXV. Filtration of Non-Newtonian Liquid 489

XXVI. Liquid and Gas Flow in Fractured and Fractured-Porous Media 513

Appendix A 537

References 555

Subject Index 565

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Mechanics of Fluid Flow
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