In recent years, the application of composite materials hasincreased in various areas of science and technology due to theirspecial properties, namely for use in the aircraft, automotive,defence, aerospace and other advanced industries. Machiningcomposite materials is quite a complex task owing to itsheterogenity, and to the fact that reinforcements are extremelyabrasive. In modern engineering, high demands are placed oncomponents made of composites in relation to their dimensionalprecision as well as their surface quality. Due to these potentialapplications, there is a great need to understand the questionsassociated with machining composite materials. This book aims to provide the fundamentals and the recentadvances in the machining of composite materials (polymers, metalsand ceramics) for modern manufacturing engineering. The three partsof the book cover the machining of polymeric, metal and ceramicmatrix composites. This book can be used as a text book for the final year of anundergraduate engineering course or for those studyingmachining/composites at the postgraduate level. It can also serveas a useful work of reference for academics, manufacturing andmaterials researchers, manufacturing and mechanical engineers, andprofessionals in composite technology and related industries.
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