One-step reference on the state of the art of surfactant self-assemblies in ionic liquids through the contributions of world-class authorities on both ILs and surfactant self-assemblies

The research field of ionic liquids (ILs), which are salts with a melting point below 100 0C, began in 1914 with an observation of which Paul Walden studied, on room temperature liquid salt, ethylammonium nitrate (EAN). While it did not garner significant attention then, literatures on IL studies are rapidly growing. ILs are frequently termed "green solvents" or "designer solvents", because of their unique and attractive physicochemical properties. They are being considered as future solvents for catalysis, chemical reactions, extractions, electrochemical purposes and many other potential applications.

Attesting to its prominence in colloid and surface chemistry, as well as in the developing areas of modern physical chemistry, technology and engineering, Ionic Liquid-Based Surfactant Science: Formulation, Characterization and Applications covers a diversity of current research and applications of the field. This monograph will:

~Emphasizes the synthesis of ILs of different types, and stabilization of amphiphilic self-assemblies in conventional and newly developed ILs to reveal formulation, physicochemical properties, microstructures, internal dynamics, and thermodynamics

~Comprehensively presents the topics of ionic liquid assisted micelles and microemulsions in relation to their fundamental characteristics and theories

~Covers the development of bio-ionic liquids or greener, environment-friendly solvents

~Includes discussion of applications of ionic liquid based micelles and micremulsions

Promising and fascinating, ionic liquids are displaying power in many applications pertaining to biotechnologies, environmental sciences, and more to chemistry-related fields. This is an invaluable reference source for chemists, physicists, biologists, chemical engineers, biotechnologists and other experts in different disciplines, both academic and industrial, as well as for undergraduate, post-graduate and Ph. D students to aid their research into a very large and rapid evolving field.

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  • Language: English
  • Book series: Wiley Series on Surface and Interfacial Chemistry
  • Ean Code: 9781118854358
  • ISBN: 9781118854358
  • Publisher: WILEY
  • E-Book type: epub
  • Author: Satya P. Moulik
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