The creation of literature demands the united effort of mind and heart and will. The study of literature also de mands the united effort of mind and heart and will. Ana lytic or critical st'udy alone calls forth only mental effort. Creative study makes demands upon the emotions and the will. No literature has been truly studied or its beauty truly felt until it has been studied for interpretive or crea tive reading. In the study for interpretation the mind must dwell longer on the thought, and in consequence must find deeper mean ing in it. In the effort to interpret the thought, the thought in a flash seems to be the speaker's own, emotion is aroused, and a finer appreciation of the thought developed. Interpretation demands not only understanding and emo tion, but also will power. A noble interpretation of any great work of literature makes great demands upon the speaker's will power. The giving of uplifting thought to others develops the mind and heart and will. The mind finds its expression through voice and body; hence these agents of expression should be trained to act in harmony with the mind.
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  • Language: English
  • Ean Code: 9780243675906
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  • Publisher: Forgotten Books
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  • Author: Cora Marsland
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