Introduction.- Part I: Philosophical Approaches.- On the social praxis of indirect reporting; Alessandro Capone.- semantics and what’s said; Una Stojnic, Ernie Lepore.- Immunity to Error through Misidentification and (Direct and Indirect) Experience Reports; Denis Delfitto, Anne Reboul, Gaetano Fiorin.- Representing Representations:  The Priority of the De Re; Kenneth Taylor.- Intuitions and the semantics of indirect reports; Jonathan Berg.- Irony as indirectness cross-linguistically: On the scope of generic mechanisms; Herbert Colston.- When a speaker is reported as having said so; Sanford Goldberg.- Topics are (implicit) indirect reports; Edoardo Lombardo Vallauri.- Part II: Linguistic Applications.- Direct and indirect speech revised: Semantic universals and semantic diversity; Anna Wierzbicka, Cliff Goddard.- Reporting conditionals; Magdalena Sztencel, Sarah E. Duffy.- On the social praxis of indirect reporting: pronominals and presuppositions in that-clauses; Alessandro Capone, Alessandra Falzone.- Discourse Markers in Different Types of Reporting; Péter Furkó, András Kertész, Agnes Abuczki.- Indirect reports in Modern   Eastern Armenian; Alessandra Giorgi, Sona Haroutyunian.- Relinquishing control: what Romanian de se attitude reports teach us about Immunity to Error through Misidentification; Marina Folescu.- Accuracy in reported speech: Evidence from masculine and feminine Japanese language; Hiroko Itakura; The Grammaticalization of Indirect Reports: The Cantonese Discourse Particle wo5; John Wakefield, Hung Yuk Abby Lee.- Context-shift in Indirect Reports in Dhaasanac; Sumiyo Nishiguchi.- Part III: Discourse Analysis and Pragmatics.- Law and Indirect Reports: Citation and Precedent; Brian Butler.- The Translatorial Middle Between Direct and Indirect Reports; Douglas Robinson.-  Historical Trends in the Pragmatics of Indirect Reports in Dutch Crime News Stories; Kobie van Krieken, José Sanders.- Indirect speech in dialogues with schizophrenics. Analysis of the dialogues of the CIPPS corpus; Grazia Basile.- Pragmatic disorders and indirect reports in psychotic language; Antonino Bucca

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  • Language: English
  • Book series: Perspectives in Pragmatics, Philosophy & Psychology
  • Ean Code: 9783319787718
  • ISBN: 9783319787718
  • Publisher: SPRINGER
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Indirect Reports and Pragmatics in the World Languages
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