Introduction.- Part I The (social) praxis of indirect reports.- 1. Indirect reporting in bilingual language production by Istvan Kecskes.- 2. Reported speech; a clinical pragmatics perspective by Louise Cummings.- 3. On the (complicated) relationship between direct and indirect reports by Alessandro Capone.- 4. Indirect reports in Hungarian by Ferenc Kiefer.- 5. Indirect reports, quotation, and narrative by Neal Norrick.- 6. Reporting dialogue and the role of grammar by Eleni Gregoromichelaki.- 7. Indirect reports and workplace norms by Meredith Marra & Janet Holmes.- 8. Indirect reported speech in interaction by Elisabeth Holt.- 9. The semantics of citation by Jock Wong.- 10. The reporting of slurs by Keith Allan.- 11. Indirectly reporting and translating slurring utterances by Alessandro Capone.- 12. When Reporting Others Backfires by Luvell Anderson.- 13.  The question of reported speech: identifying an occupational hazard by Eric Whittle.- Part II Indirect reports in philosophy of language.- 14. A theory of saying reports by Wayne Davis.- 15. Pretend reference and coreference by Manuel García-Carpintero.- 16. Indirect discourse and quotation by Michel Seymour.- 17. The Syntax-Pragmatics Merger: Belief Reports in the Theory of Default Semantic by Kasia, Jaszczolt.- 18. Speaking for another by Howard Wettstein.- 19. On the inferential structure of indirect reports by András Kertész & Csilla Rákosi.- 20. Integrated parentheticals in quotations and free indirect discourse by Alessandra Giorgi.- 21. Faithfulness and ‘de se’ by Sam Cumming & Yael Sharvit.- 22. She and herself by Eros Corazza.- 23. Impure ‘de se’ thoughts and pragmatics (and how this is relevant to pragmatics and Immunity to Error through Misidentification) by Alessandro Capone.- 24. Reporting Practices and Reported Entities by Nellie Wieland.- 25. Indirect reports, information, and non-declaratives by Javier Gutiérrez-Rexach.- 26. Reports, indirect reports, and illocutionary point by Keith Allan.- 27. Reporting and interpreting intentions in defamation law by Fabrizio, Macagno.- 28. The Pragmatics of Indirect Discourse in Artificial Languages by Alan Libert.- 29. The proper name theory of quotation and indirect reported speech by Ralph Salkie









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Indirect Reports and Pragmatics
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