PART I: METHODOLOGY FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF NEW INDICATORS.- 1 Measuring Quality of Life and Inequalities in South America - Graciela Tonon & Lía Rodriguez de la Vega.- 2 Quality of Life in Latin America: A Proposal of a Synthetic Indicator - Noelia Somarriba Arechavala & Pilar Zarzosa Espina.- 3 Geography and Quality of Life in Argentina. Regional and Departmental Analysis (2010) - Guillermo Velázquez.- 4 Life Quality for Health and Health for Life Quality in Latin America: A Spatial Approach - Adela Tisnes.- PART II : QUALITY OF URBAN LIFE.- 5 Spatial Segregation and Quality of Life: Empirical Analysis of Medium-sized Cities of Buenos Aires Province - Santiago Linares, Claudia A. Mikkelsen, Guillermo Velazquez & Juan Pablo Celemin.- 6 Diseconomies of Transportation and Urban Quality of Life: The Case of the Great Metropolitan Area (GMA) of Costa Rica - Arlette Pichardo-Muñiz.- 7 A Quantitative and Qualitative Review on Quality of Life in Minor Urban Areas at the Beginning of the 20th Century in Argentina - Claudia A. Mikkelsen.- 8. Evolution of Habitability Conditions in Mar del Plata Peri-urban (1991, 2001, 2011) - Laura Zulaica Rosana Ferraro.- 9 How are we today? Quality of Urban Life in Argentina. First Contributions from the Households Permanent Survey (2003-2012) - Patricia Iris Lucero, Sofía Estela Ares & Claudia A. Mikkelsen.- 10 Urban Quality of Life in Santa Fe province: Demographic, Social and Territorial Processes (1991-2010) - Néstor Javier Gómez.- 11. Mind the gap: Monitoring Quality of Life Inequalities, Case Study of Rosario - Javier Martinez.- PART III : QUALITY OF LIFE BY AGE-GROUPS.- 12. Quality of Life of High School Students in Caracas, Venezuela - Aquiles Perez Delgado.- 13 Subjective Wellbeing in México: The Importance of Social Support in a Collectivist Society - Beatriz Yasuko Arita Watanabe.- 14 Two Profiles of Child Labor in the Colombian Caribbean Coast: Relocated Children to Suburban Areas compared to the Key Role of Social and Labor Characteristics of Mothers in Urban Settings - Daniel Holgado, Isidro Maya-Jariego, Jorge Palacio & Óscar Oviedo-Trespalacios.- 15 Personal Wellbeing and Quality of Life among Older Adults - Fermina Rojo-Perez & Gloria Fernandez-Mayoralas.
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