This book deals with plans to achieve a true World Peace. Achieving World Peace is a subject that has never been openly discussed by the people of this world before. The content of this book is original because a real, workable, plan for achieving World Peace has never been offered to the people of this world because it can change the way we live in this world. Violence and wars have been a part of our lives since the beginning of the human race, and now this book is offering, for the first time, a chance to live in a world that is dominated by peace. This book takes a serious look at civilizing this world for the first time, and offers a simple way to go about civilizing this world. This book takes the dreams of achieving World Peace and makes achieving World Peace a reality. This book solves the mystery of how to achieve World Peace. This book shows us how to end all wars and military conflicts, and put an end to all the terrorism in this world. The plan for achieving World Peace laid out in this book is a stroke of political brilliance, because no one in this world could possibly stand against any efforts by the people of this world to acheive true World Peace. When the people in this world are armed with a perfect political issue like achieving World Peace, that no world leader or government could possibly be against, they can easily achieve World Peace. Any political issue like achieving World Peace that has one hundred percent suppport can not fail. The content of this book is very powerful and will change the way we live on this earth. Injecting a World Peace movement into world politics will force our governments to address the World Peace issue, and when they do, they will have no choice but to accept the plan for achieving World Peace. No government or world leader could ever stand in front of their people and try to explain why World Peace is bad for the people of their country. This book offers an opportunity to all peace loving people in to world to be part of a movement that will lead to a true World Peace.
  • Book type: E-book
  • Language: English
  • Ean Code: 9781412227414
  • ISBN: 9781412227414
  • Publisher: Trafford Publishing
  • E-Book type: epub
  • Author: Jim Des Rocher
  • Kopierschutz: Adobe DRM
  • Gift: No
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