Foreword.- About the Authors.- Table Of Contents.- The History of Artificial Cold –Historiographical issues; Kostas Gavroglu.- Investigating the Very Cold.- Early modern history of cold: Robert Boyle and the emergence of a new experimental field in 17th century experimental philosophy; Christiana Christopoulou.- James Dewar and the Road to the Liquefaction of Hydrogen; Sir John S. Rowlinson.- The cryogenic laboratory of Heike Kamerlingh Onnes: an early case of Big Science; Dirk van Delft.-  Superconductivity—a challenge to modern physics; Christian Joas and Georges Waysand.- Superfluidity: how quantum mechanics became visible; Sébastien Balibar.- The physics of cold in the Cold War: “On-line computing” between the ICBM program and superconductivity; Johannes Knolle and Christian Joas.- Industries of Cold.- Domestic Ice-Making Machines 1830-1930; Simon Reif-Acherman.- Carl Linde and his relationship with Georges Claude: The cooperation between two independent inventors in cryogenics and its side effects; Hans-Liudger Dienel.- Meeting Artificial Cold: Expositions and Refrigeration, 1896-1937; Guillaume de Syon.- Consuming Cold.- The introduction of frozen foods in West Germany and its integration into the daily diet; Ulrike Thoms.- The Means of Modernization: Freezing Technologies and the Cultural Politics of Everyday Life, Norway 1940–1965; Terje Finstad.- The Invention of Refrigerated Transport and the Development of the International Dressed Meat Trade; Jonathan Rees.- 'Fresher than fresh’. Remarks on consumer attitudes towards the development of the Cold Chain in post-WWII Greece; Faidra Papanelopoulou.- Index.

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  • Book series: Boston Studies in the Philosophy and History of Science
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  • ISBN: 9789400771994
  • Publisher: SPRINGER
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History of Artificial Cold, Scientific, Technological and Cultural Issues
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