1. Uljana Feest, Historical Perspectives on Erklären and Verstehen: Introduction 2. Denise Phillips, Epistemological Distinctions and Cultural Politics: Educational Reform and the Naturwissenschaft/ Geisteswissenschaft Distinction in mid-19th century Germany 3. Bernhard Kleeberg, Vestiges of the Book of Nature. On Concepts of 'Meaning' in German Theology around 1900 4. Safia Azzouni, How Wilhelm Dilthey influenced Popular Science Writing: Kurd Laßwitz’s „Homchen: Ein Tiermärchen aus der oberen Kreide' 5. Philipp Müller, Explaining History. Hippolyte Taine’s Philosophy of Historical Science 6.Warren Schmaus, Understanding and Explanation in France: From Maine de Biran's méthode psychologique to Durkheim's Les Formes élémentaires de la vie religieuse 7. David Leary, Instead of Erklären and Verstehen: William James on Human Understanding 8. Katherine Arens, Erklären, Verstehen, and Embodied Rationalities: Scientific Praxis as Regional Ontology 9. Roger Smith, British thought on the relations between the natural sciences and the humanities, c.1870-1910 10. Christoper Pincock, Accounting for the Unity of Experience in Dilthey, Rickert, Bradley and Ward 11. Jacques Bos, Individuality and agency in nineteenth-century German historicism 12. Filomena de Sousa, Shaping Disciplinary Boundaries: Scientific Practice and Politics in the Methodenstreit between the German Historical School and the Austrian School of Economics 13. Michael Heidelberger, Explanation and Understanding in Max Weber: From the Perspective of von Kries 14. Daniel Šuber, Social Science between neo-Kantianism and philosophy of life: the cases of Weber,Simmel, and Mannheim 15. Thomas Uebel, Opposition to Verstehen in Orthodox Logical Empiricism
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Historical Perspectives on Erklären and Verstehen
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