The Handbook for Statistical Genetics is widely regarded asthe reference work in the field. However, the field hasdeveloped considerably over the past three years. In particular themodeling of genetic networks has advanced considerably via theevolution of microarray analysis. As a consequence the 3rd editionof the handbook contains a much expanded section on NetworkModeling, including 5 new chapters covering metabolic networks,graphical modeling and inference and simulation of pedigrees andgenealogies. Other chapters new to the 3rd edition include HumanPopulation Genetics, Genome-wide Association Studies, Family-basedAssociation Studies, Pharmacogenetics, Epigenetics, Ethic andInsurance. As with the second Edition, the Handbook includes a glossary ofterms, acronyms and abbreviations, and features extensivecross-referencing between the chapters, tying the different areastogether. With heavy use of up-to-date examples, real-life casestudies and references to web-based resources, this continues to bemust-have reference in a vital area of research. Edited by the leading international authorities in thefield. David Balding - Department of Epidemiology & PublicHealth, Imperial College An advisor for our Probability & Statistics series,Professor Balding is also a previous Wiley author, having writtenWeight-of-Evidence for Forensic DNA Profiles, as well ashaving edited the two previous editions of HSG. With over 20 yearsteaching experience, he's also had dozens of articlespublished in numerous international journals. Martin Bishop - Head of the Bioinformatics Division at theHGMP Resource Centre As well as the first two editions of HSG, Dr Bishop has editeda number of introductory books on the application of informatics tomolecular biology and genetics. He is the Associate Editor of thejournal Bioinformatics and Managing Editor of Briefingsin Bioinformatics. Chris Cannings - Division of Genomic Medicine, Universityof Sheffield With over 40 years teaching in the area, Professor Cannings haspublished over 100 papers and is on the editorial board of manyrelated journals. Co-editor of the two previous editions of HSG, healso authored a book on this topic.
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